Are You Aware What You Can Do during Dental Emergencies?

Are You Aware What You Can Do during Dental Emergencies?

Aug 01, 2020

Dental emergencies are painful and a situation you hope you never find yourselves or a member of your family in. However, they can affect you when they are least expected to leave you dealing with a strange situation whenever it strikes. Do you leave the problem alone and hope it disappears by itself? Do you search for an emergency dentist if the issue occurs beyond office hours?


If the problem affects you ignoring it will be your first thought because you would not want a visit to the emergency dentist if the problem affects you on holidays. The problem, however, will be entirely different if a junior or senior member of the family reports a toothache or any other issue in the oral cavity at any time of the day or night. The need to seek prompt treatment from your dentist will be overwhelming, but what if your regular dental practitioner is unable to accommodate you on that particular day? You will be left with no options but to search for a walk-in dentist who can provide the treatment required immediately.


Dental emergencies frequently occur and affect approximately 22 percent of Americans, most of whom are unaware of what they should do in such situations. They either ignore the pain and discomfort or rush to an emergency room rather than a dental professional to receive painkillers or antibiotics along with recommendations to visit their regular dental professional. Rather than find yourself in a situation where you need to seek assistance from a 24-hour emergency dentist, wouldn’t it be better if you realized how you could care for dental emergencies until you can contact a professional dentist for the relief? Let us make you aware of how to care for an unexpected situation affecting you or your family.




If you have a toothache, it would be best if you tried gently flossing around to remove any trapped food particles. You must understand those food particles can push your tooth out of position resulting in a toothache. Getting rid of the food particles from between your teeth is all that is required. However, if the pain continues, you need assistance from a dental professional at the earliest. If the toothache is also accompanied by fever, it could be an indication of an infected tooth that can potentially impact your overall health. In such situations, a dental professional is better equipped to preserve a severely infected tooth when treatment is sought promptly.


Knocking out a Permanent Tooth


If you or your family member has knocked out a permanent tooth, you undoubtedly have a dental emergency on your hands. You can pick up the tooth holding it by the crown and rinse it to remove any dirt attached without scrubbing the roots. Attempt to place the tooth between your cheeks, but if you are fearful of swallowing, it set the tooth in a tiny container of fresh milk and visit an emergency dental clinic near you as soon as possible. Reaching the dentist within 60 minutes will allow him or her to reattach the tooth back into its socket.


Other dental issues, like breaking a tooth or a dental appliance, also need professional dental care. Do not try to mend dislodged crowns back with super glue as it can damage your tooth and the tissue surrounding it. Whether a senior member has damaged his or her dentures or your kid has problems with braces, attention is undoubtedly needed from a dental professional rather than any medical practitioner.


Reducing Your Risks of Being Affected by a Dental Emergency


Avoiding dental emergencies is not always possible, but you can certainly reduce the risks of a dental emergency affecting you by visiting Westlake Dental Care for regular examinations and cleanings. The observations by the dental professional in Sterling, VA, can detect problems to create a treatment plan before they aggravate to a dental emergency. You can also discuss preventive measures like wearing a mouth guard if you or your family member is involved in contact sports because it will prevent incidences like having a knockout tooth. Mouthguards are affordable and comfortable to wear and act as a preventive measure against unexpected accidents. Most importantly, being aware of how to manage dental emergencies can save you the stress and anxiety associated with such problems along with unforeseen expenditures.

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