Dental Bridges for Teeth Replacement

Dental Bridges for Teeth Replacement

Apr 01, 2020

A dental bridge is a false tooth made out of different materials, including gold. They are used to fill gaps or act as a replacement for removed teeth. Bridges are mainly made out of porcelain, which blends aesthetically with the teeth.
They fall under different categories that determine how it is going to be fixed in. The main types include the following.

  • Maryland

This type of bridge relies on support from two teeth on the sides of the gap. A framework of porcelain and metal is used. This framework is bounded on the backs of abutment teeth, unlike traditional bridges.

The Maryland type of bridge is only used when there are two teeth on either side of a gap to help provide enough grip and support and make the false teeth behave as a natural one.

  • Cantilever

Pontic used in these bridges are supported in place with a dental crown that is cemented on one abutment tooth. Cantilevers require one natural tooth that is next to a gap to provide enough support, unlike in Maryland bridges.

  • Traditional

As the name suggests, this is one of the oldest ways to fill in tooth gaps. These false teeth are supported by natural teeth on the sides of the gap. The dental crown is cemented on the gap to make sure it is firm enough.

  • Implant-Supported

Implant-supported bridges use dental implants instead of dental crowns, unlike in other methods. There is no need for a framework as the implant does all the work.

The implant is placed by performing surgery to fix it in position, and it can be supported by a crown that is suspended in the gap. This is carried when one implant for every tooth missing is required.

An implant-supported procedure is the most stable and most reliable method of teeth replacement. It is carried out by performing two different surgeries. The first surgery is meant to embed the implant safely in the jawbone. The second one is performed to fix the bridge in place.

This procedure may take more time to be fully completed, but the end result will be more natural as compared to the rest.

There are different types of procedures carried out to fill tooth gaps. Some dentists may prefer the use of dental implants instead of bridges. Let us now take a look at how these bridges differ from implants.

Bridges typically require a replacement after a specified period of time. They are not permanent, but they can last for five to fifteen years before the need to change them arises. On the other hand, implants are considered permanent and do not require replacements.

Both methods work in almost a similar manner, but your dental hygiene will influence the final outcome. Ensure that your dental health is at its best to avoid bad breath or other dental infections.

Why Consider a Dental Bridge?

No one enjoys losing a tooth, and tooth gaps can sometimes reduce your self-esteem. Bridges offer a sustainable solution to this problem. They work by ensuring your smile is restored, and they also provide other benefits such as an improved bite.

Fixing speech issues

Dental bridges also help in speech restoration. Tooth gaps can make it difficult for you to pronounce different words correctly. This can sometimes make it difficult to communicate. If the gap is fixed, you can regain your speech capabilities and also get rid of lisps.

Improving chewing

Chewing certain foods like meat can become a difficult task to accomplish when you have a tooth gap. This can be corrected using dental bridges, thus enabling you to eat more comfortably. The force applied in chewing is also distributed uniformly, which improves on chewing.

Holding your teeth in place

Teeth are likely to move out of position if there is the presence of gaps. When this happens, it may become challenging to restore them to their original post. Bridges work by filling in the gaps and holding your teeth in the correct place.

If you need advice on the available options for bridges placement, Westlake Dental Care provides a variety of options for the procedure. We have the best dental practitioners in Sterling, VA, who are well trained to provide you with teeth replacement services.

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