Discover the Truth About Some of The Top Root Canal Myths This Valentines

Discover the Truth About Some of The Top Root Canal Myths This Valentines

Feb 01, 2021

Lacking familiarity or the right information about any medical procedure can interfere with your correct judgement of it. To get a better sense of root can and how it can benefit you, you need to weed out fact from fiction.

What Are the Popular Myths About Endodontic Treatment?

It is Painful

This is not true. Endodontic treatment in itself is not painful, thanks to advancements in dentistry that has allowed for easier way to perform dental procedures and the development of better anesthesia. Actually, the pain that people tend to associate from root canal therapy is already there and the reason for having for the procedure done. A root canal therapy actually helps get rid of pain that stem from having an infected pulp. Your dentist will work to ensure that the procedure is comfortable through various pain management methods. It is therefore likely you will not experience any pain as the root canal is being cleaned out. It is however common to experience some soreness around the treated area afterwards. For this, you may be given some medications to help you cope.

The Procedure ‘Kills’ Your Tooth

This statement is not correct since a healthy tooth cannot be described as being ‘alive’ or ‘dead’. During root canal treatment, the entire infected pulp that comprises of nerves, blood vessels and other tissues is completely removed. The root canal is then cleaned and filled to keep off bacteria and prevent a repeat infection. All this is actually with the aim to save an infected tooth. the surrounding tissue will still manage to keep the tooth healthy and nourished. The only thing you will lose is sensitivity since the nerves have been removed. The blood vessels usually do not do much for a tooth after it fully erupts, and thus are not essential for keeping a tooth intact and healthy.

Tooth Extraction Is Better Than Endodontic Therapy

At a glance, extracting a tooth may seem a better option since it is faster and less costly. It is however not the best choice as there is no tooth replacement that can match up to your natural teeth. There is also the additional cost of replacing the tooth which will cost you too. But if you opted for a root canal and the procedure was successful, the results can last a lifetime. You also get to keep your natural teeth which avoids problems in the future like teeth shifting caused by a missing tooth/tooth. at Westlake Dental Care, we advise patients to always consider a root canal over an extraction, whenever the situation allows.

It Require Multiple Dental Visits

Unlike in the past, today dentists in Sterling are capable of performing a root canal procedure in just a single appointment. There are however a few cases where you may need 2 or more appointments to have the process successfully completed. Either way, after the initial consultation with an endodontic near you will be informed of how many visits it will require to complete the procedure. factors such as number of roots being treated, the structure of the root and location of the tooth may affect treatment time. But for the most part, using advanced tools and technology, dentists are able to complete root canals in just one visit.

Root Canal Therapy Increases Risk of Cancer

In 2013, the American Medical Association determined that there is relationship between having a root and the risk for cancer. This myth is founded false assumptions by a dentist in the early 20th century that postulated that leaving the root canal without a living pulp left bacteria in the mouth that could contribute to sickness such as cancer. However, with modern dentistry, Dr.Tarek Badawy advises that after the removal of the pulp, the canal is deep=cleaned and disinfected before sealing it to keep off bacteria. Truth is that a root canal procedure actually helps improve your oral and overall health by removing harmful bacteria.

For any questions you may have about root canal treatment, visit Westlake Dental Care to get accurate information. do not rely on what you read on the web or hear from others, as it can sometimes be misleading.

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