Why You Need Dental Veneers After Halloween

Why You Need Dental Veneers After Halloween

Oct 01, 2020

With Halloween fast approaching, many efforts go into the planning—from choosing the costume to buying candies. But with all the preparation, some things like your teeth tend to take the back seat. This can be detrimental, considering the amount of candy you will take during this period. It is advisable to get a dental checkup before October 31st rolls out.

However, we recommend coming for a comprehensive assessment right after the party, especially if you have cracked or chipped teeth. Fixing these dental imperfections can help prevent cavities and preserve your teeth.

We offer several dental treatments, among them dental veneers. They are thin casings placed over the enamel to change the teeth’ shape, size, and appearance. These dental fixtures offer great benefits, such as:

1. Fix cracked and chipped teeth

Although mild cracks and chips may appear harmless, they can provide a breeding ground for bacteria to fester. Eating candy, especially chewy ones, can cause some of it to stick to the cracks.

Remember, the bacteria feed on sugary foods, and leaving some behind will increase the chances of cavities. How? When you eat candies, the bacteria break down the sugar and produce an acid solution. This solution attacks the enamel causing it to get weak and prone to cavities. That is why dental veneers are needed after the party.

2. Close the gaps in between

Mild diastemas can also trap candy in between; therefore, closing the gaps is crucial not only to your appearance but also to dental health. Several options are available, but veneers offer the best natural solution because they can easily fix and resemble your teeth.

3. Improve the appearance

If you have discolored teeth, worn down, and uneven teeth, the dental veneers are a great option. These shells tend to mimic your natural teeth and can create a seamless look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Types of Veneers Can You Choose?

Cosmetic dental veneers are available in either composite or porcelain. Both can fix your imperfections, but the porcelain veneers are more natural-looking and are resistant to stains. The composite veneers are fixed on the same dental visit, but wear out quickly and stain easily (meaning you will have them replaced often).

Q. How Are the Teeth Veneers Fixed?

Porcelain veneers require at least three dental visits to have them fixed, and the process involves a few steps:

  • Diagnosing and formulation of the treatment plan

Our dentist will examine your teeth and check for any decay and infections on your initial dental consultation. If any, appropriate dental treatments are done before the veneers are fixed.

  • Preparation of the teeth

Veneers require the reshaping of the enamel. The dentist will trim off a small amount of the enamel depending on the number of veneers needed. Next, we will take a mold of your teeth to make the veneers. It can take about two to four weeks to have the permanent veneers made. But, the dentist will give you temporary veneers to protect the reshaped teeth from sensitivity.

  • The bonding of the veneers

The dentist will examine the veneers for shape and color, and if everything is satisfactory, they will fix the veneers using dental cement. Laser light is at times used to harden the cement and secure the veneers in place. Finally, your teeth are polished for a final look. A follow-up dental visit is set to examine how well the gums are tolerating the veneers.

Q. How to Take Care of the Veneers

Veneers resemble your teeth in look and function and therefore do not need any special dental instructions. However, you need to avoid overconsumption of certain foods and beverages such as wine, coffee, and tea, because they can stain your teeth. Remember, once the veneers are stained, you cannot whiten them.

Take Away

Dental veneers are a great solution for problems such as worn out and cracked teeth. They can come in handy before, during, and after Halloween because they protect your teeth from decay. Visit Westlake Dental Care, and Dr. Tarek Badawy will take you through the benefits of veneers and why you may need them.

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