Dental Fillings in Sterling, VA

Dental Fillings in Sterling, VA

Dental Fillings Procedure

Due to our hectic lives, we don’t always have time to care for our teeth. Returning home after 12 hours of work is exhausting. Deciding to prioritize sleep over brushing our teeth can be an easy decision at the time. Sadly, making that decision over and over again will catch up with us.

Poor oral hygiene leads to decay and teeth cavities. Taking care of what you eat isn’t enough and we can’t highlight the significance of brushing and flossing enough here at WestLake Dental Care in Sterling.

How Do Fillings Help?

Once a cavity develops in a tooth, there’s no going back. That cavity will not go away and your tooth won’t be able to fill the gap. Cavities may present with pain and increased sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and food, or they may be completely asymptomatic. Asymptomatic cavities are detected at regular dental visits.

Why do asymptomatic cavities need treatment? These spaces aren’t natural and will end up leading to more damage. First of all, bacteria use cavities to hide. Brushing regularly will fail to eliminate bacteria in a cavity. As bacteria persist and replicate, they’ll cause more decay and damage. The cavity will keep growing and at some point, the tooth will stop being viable.

Cavities weaken teeth. Leaving a gaping hole in an object that should be solid will make it much weaker. Teeth with cavities are more liable to damage and fractures.

Fillings help because they provide the structural support needed for teeth. The rest of the tooth will be supported by the fillings and it’ll be more durable. Additionally, adding a filling means taking away the bacteria’s hiding spot and stopping the damage.

How Are They Applied?

Applying fillings to your teeth isn’t as simple as sticking them in the cavities present. The tooth needs to be cleaned first and any present decay has to be removed. The fillings need to be applied to a clean cavity.

The procedure is completely painless. Here at WestLake Dental Care, we use a local anesthetic before we start working. After the procedure, and for as long as they remain, fillings won’t bother you and won’t make you in any kind of discomfort.

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