Dentures in Sterling, VA

Dentures in Sterling, VA

Partials and Full Dentures

WestLake Dental Care can help if you have lost teeth. Our Sterling dental office provides patients with custom partial and full dentures of high quality, ensuring comfortable dentures to keep your smile looking natural and complete.

Partial Dentures Near You

Partial dentures are used to fill in gaps caused by the loss of multiple teeth. Metal clasps anchor the partial dentures into place. They are used when the patient is missing more than one tooth but still maintains the majority of his or her teeth.

Full Dentures Near You

If you have lost all or nearly all of your teeth, dentures use a single, gum-colored base to support an entire set of teeth. Unlike partial dentures, which are held in place by surrounding teeth, full dentures maintain put through suction between the gums and the base of the dentures. Some patients opt to use dental adhesives to improve the hold between the gums and the dentures.

Caring for Dentures

By removing dentures in the morning and at night before going to bed to clean them is enough to keep your dentures clean and durable. You should use a special denture brush to remove any particles of food or bacteria which may have built up during the day. Dentures should be stored in water or a cleaning solution when not in your mouth. This keeps your dentures from drying out and being uncomfortable to wear.

If you are not satisfied with dentures or with traditional dentures, WestLake Dental Care is proud to offer implant prosthetics. Dental implants last longer and are more secure than traditional dentures but have a higher price point and treatment time. Our dentists will be happy to go over the differences between restorative treatments with you at the time of your dental examination and consultation.

Partials and Full Dentures That Work for You

Our main priority at WestLake Dental Care is the health and appearance of your smile. If missing teeth have you feeling down or feeling self-conscious, we urge you to schedule a restorative consultation with us at our Sterling office.

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