Minimally Invasive Dental Implants in Sterling, VA

Minimally Invasive Dental Implants in Sterling, VA Minimally Invasive Dental Implants in Sterling, VA

Up-to-Date, Quality Dentistry

Dr. ElBadawy utilizes many of the latest technological breakthroughs in dentistry, such as 3D and laser technology. “They make treatment accurate, efficient and more comfortable,” he says. He also uses quality materials that will endure, and partners with top labs that blend state- of-the-art equipment with expert hand crafting. “I firmly believe that a strong partnership between a good, professional lab and a competent dentist provides the best results for a patient,” he says.

Full Dental Implant Services in the comfort of Dr. ElBadawyʼs office

In the past, not all patients were able to take advantage of dental implants for reasons such as lack of bone, or health issues such as diabetes. With recent advances in technology, it

has become possible to use dental implants for most cases of missing teeth. Dr. ElBadawy has embraced these advances in implant dentistry to provide patients with accurate, comfortable and minimally invasive implant treatment. Working side-by-side, with his in- house dental implant specialist, Dr. ElBadawy is able to provide all phases of dental implant treatment, from surgery to the final, natural-looking teeth. “I believe that having a dental specialist trained in implants and a general dentist working on an implant case together gives the patient the best of both worlds,” says Dr. ElBadawy.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Implant Dentistry

WestLake Dental Care has one of the nationʼs leading specialists in implant and surgical dentistry. He is highly trained and experienced, and has placed thousands of implants during his extensive career. He has also trained hundreds of other

specialists and general dentists in implant placement and other surgical procedures, and delivers lectures and courses to doctors internationally. Together the doctors plan the procedure, coordinating on factors such as ensuring the implants are correctly positioned for a comfortable bite and that the right materials for the case are used.

3D Tech = Minimally invasive

The doctors use the latest in 3D technology to plan the surgery ahead of time. Using a state-of-the-art 3D imaging system—a dental CT scanner—they can capture 3D X-rays and view the jaw and teeth in 360-degree view. “The 3D technology is invaluable,” says Dr. ElBadawy. “It allows us to see exactly where all the structures are to precisely plan the implant placement. We can create a surgical guide that places the implant in the right position and at the correct angle. This eliminates much of the cutting and suturing traditionally

connected with dental implant surgery.”

Not Enough Bone? No Problem!

Bone loss in the jaw occurs when teeth have been missing for an extended period or as a result of periodontitis. Successful implant treatment requires sufficient bone for the implant placement. The 3D technology additionally assists the doctors in finding the locations in the jaw bone that have the best bone density and volume in which to place the implant, which eliminates the need for bone grafting in many cases. Where bone grafting is necessary, the implant surgeon applies special growth factors which he centrifuges from drops of the patientʼs own blood. This speeds the creation of the new bone and assists in the stability of the dental implant. The doctor can also perform a “sinus lift” when the sinus cavity has expanded to the point that there isnʼt enough bone for an implant. This procedure uses bone grafting material to add bone to the upper back jaw.

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