Extractions in Sterling, VA

Extractions in Sterling, VA

Dental Extraction

Despite the presence of mind blowing alternatives like implants and bridges, we still prefer to keep our natural teeth. Yes, new restorative techniques came a long way and are impossible to differentiate from natural teeth, but it’s just not the same. At WestLake Dental Care in Sterling, we do all we can to repair a damaged tooth rather than have to extract it.

Extraction is still required though. Teeth are too loose need to be extracted and replaced via artificial methods. It’s not something anyone prefers, but it has to be done in certain situations.

When Is Dental Extraction a Necessity?

A tooth that’s too loose or too decayed needs to be replaced. Additionally, a knocked-out tooth will likely need to be replaced as putting it back in place can be difficult. So, why is extracting a damaged tooth important? Can’t we just leave it in place?

The answer is no, it’s always better to extract a tooth that can’t be repaired. Severely damaged teeth can serve as sources of infection. While a decayed tooth can’t get any worse, sooner or later it’ll spread infection not just to the rest of the mouth, but potentially to the entire body.

Additionally, a tooth damaged beyond repair won’t look good cosmetically. It will look bad, serve no purpose, and harm everything else. There are no reasons to keep it in its place.

Restorative Procedures

We have so many options to replace teeth nowadays that tooth extraction is no longer as big of a deal as it used to be. Implants are considered the best method of replacing a tooth. A screw is inserted into your gums for fixation, then an artificial tooth is added onto that screw. Crowns are another popular option, but they’re not as preferred as implants.

Here at WestLake Dental Care, we do our best to make sure that the results of a restorative procedure are impossible to differentiate from what your natural smile looked like. It’s not just about function, but also about guaranteeing that a client has a beautiful smile that resembles their old one. This can make all the difference in the world.

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