3D Scanner

3D Scanner

iTero Intraoral Scanner

Dental molds or impressions are a crucial component of successful restorative dental treatments. At Westlake Dental Care, we have invested in the best dental imaging technology to ensure precision and accuracy during dental diagnostic imaging. The iTero intraoral scanner, introduced in the market in 2007, remains the best bet in 3D imaging. 3D imaging in dental treatments is essential as it gives our dentist an accurate picture of your dental or orthodontic needs, which translates into a better experience for you.

Visit our dental offices in Sterling, VA, today, to experience the benefits of this cutting-edge technology that promises to make dental treatments both efficient and effective.

What Happens During Your Appointment?

During your appointment, our dentist will use the iTero wand to scan the entire upper and lower dental arches, or a cross-section of any of these as necessary. The iTero scanner allows our dentist to scan your full mouth continuously, while the monitor projects the images as they’re captured.

Digital intraoral scanning is a painless procedure that’s over in a matter of minutes. During this procedure, you’ll be lying down in a comfortable position while our dentist will take his 12 o’clock position near you. From this position, our dentist will ensure that you’re relaxed throughout the process and that all necessary angles of your teeth are captured.

The iTero scanner is small and fits well inside the average mouth—thus allowing our dentist to scan your back teeth properly. You’ll also not have to worry about gag reflex with this wand.

Benefits of iTero Intraoral Scanner

The iTero intraoral scanner is a life-changer in orthodontic treatments, for various reasons which include:

  • Unlike 2D imaging, the iTero scanner provides a three-dimensional view of your teeth, thus giving our dentist all the necessary perspectives needed to inform treatment. Accuracy and precision during scanning results into a better fit for your restorative or orthodontic appliance.
  • The iTero scanner allows the dentist to simulate the treatment outcome for you. You’ll be able to see how your new smile will look like before you even get started on your treatment plan. Being able to visualize what to expect in a few months to come assures you and boosts your confidence in the treatment process.
  • Dental impression material doesn’t feel good when it’s in the mouth. If you want to forego the goop of traditional dental molds, come to Westlake Dental Care in Sterling, VA, and try our extremely comfortable and pleasant iTero scanning experience.
Itero Element 2 Scanner
Itero Element 2 Scanner

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