3D Scanner in Sterling, VA

3D Scanner in Sterling, VA

iTero® Element™ 5D Scanner

Here at Westlake Dental, we’re passionate about cutting-edge dental technology. We’re always on the lookout for innovative dental technology that supports our mission to offer superior dental care to residents of Sterling, VA, and beyond.

We’re proud to introduce our newest addition—the iTero® Element™ 5D scanner. The iTero Element 5D scanner is a massive leap from previous intraoral scanners and has tremendously changed how we conduct our dental imaging and visualization.

This recently unveiled imaging system is the first of its kind to feature near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology, thus allowing us to have clear, obstructed views of the inner layers of your tooth, and in real-time.

Thanks to NIRI technology, we can diagnose interproximal cavities without requiring traditional dental x-rays. Interproximal cavities are those that occur between two teeth. Legacy imaging systems may not easily pick up such cavities, but the iTero element 5D scanner gets the job done within seconds.

What to Expect

The iTero Element 5D scanner is a portable, handheld intraoral scanner that fits comfortably in the average-sized mouth. During your appointment, our dentist will scan your lower and upper dental arches to check for any signs of concerns. The imaging system allows for real-time display of captured images.These images can be used for future reference and comparison.

Our intraoral scanner also comes with powerful simulation capability. If you’re coming in for orthodontic treatment, our dentist will treat you to realistic visuals of your future smile.

Why iTero Element 5D Scanner?

The iTero Element 5D scanner is a powerful technological tool that empowers us to offer comprehensive and personalized care to our patients. Whether you’re coming in for preventive, restorative, orthodontic, or another type of care, the intraoral scanner captures all the in-depth details we need to personalize your treatment plan. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about exposure to harmful radiation.

The iTero Element 5D scanner leaves nothing to chance. Thanks to its crisp precision and accuracy, the smile of your dreams is only an appointment away.

For patients requiring Invisalign treatment, this pioneer imaging system offers unrivaled access into your bite problems, while also allowing us to visualize and work towards your perfect, malocclusion-free smile.

Westlake Dental wants you to experience and enjoy the full benefits of the iTero Element 5D scanner. We have made this possible by changing our pricing to reflect our vision and commitment. We offer the most competitive Invisalign pricing in Northern VA. Are you struggling with a misaligned smile? For only $3900 inclusive (Invisalign, retainers, and teeth whitening), the perfect smile could be yours. Reach out to our friendly and helpful dental team today to schedule a consultation with our dentist in Sterling, VA.

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