Dental Implants in Sterling, VA

Dental Implants in Sterling, VA

When someone experiences the permanent loss of a tooth, it brings with it a myriad of emotions. Sometimes the loss is a direct result of poor oral hygiene, but teeth can also be lost because of a physical injury, poor genetic oral health, and even just general age. Unfortunately, losing a tooth has numerous adverse effects.

When someone is missing teeth, their jawbone begins to weaken, and they might experience facial collapse. There is also an emotional toll, as patients often feel like those around them are judging them for having a missing tooth. This leads to poor self-confidence and even withdrawal from normal social behaviors.

At WestLake Dental Care in Sterling, we care about our patients and want to help. This is why we currently offer dental implants as a potential solution.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth that is installed directly through the gums and into the jawbone, creating a permanent solution to tooth loss. The implant is composed of a root and a crown. The root is made of titanium or similar metal and is the part that rests in the jawbone. It is durable and sturdy, designed to withstand the rigors of chewing, speaking, and biting. The crown is made of porcelain or precious metal fused to porcelain.

What Are the Benefits?

Dental implants are designed to have all of the functions of a healthy tooth. The porcelain is durable and doesn’t succumb to plaque or tooth decay, meaning patients don’t need to worry about infection. The material is not prone to chipping or cracking, and all patients need to do to care for the implant is brush and floss regularly.

In terms of personal wellbeing, WestLake Dental Care in Sterling enjoys using implants because they have a positive effect on self-confidence and esteem. The implant can complete a smile, encouraging patients to actively engage in social behaviors like eating, chewing, smiling, and talking with others. We care about our patient’s mental health as well as physical health and want to provide the solutions necessary to recover from permanent tooth loss.

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